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The Clinical Data Animation Center (CDAC) brings medical data to life. Our research aims to help people preserve and enhance brain health. We are affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the McCance Center for Brain Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and the Broad Institute. Our research areas include sleep, dementia, epilepsy, delirium/encephalopathy, anoxic brain injury, status epilepticus, the ictal-interictal-injury continuum, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and the neurophysiology of critical illness.

We develop mathematical models to clarify risk-benefit tradeoffs in medical decision-making, predict neurologic outcomes in critical care settings; and automate tasks in medicine previously performed only by clinical experts.

Our research emphasizes working with real clinical data from large and heterogenous patient cohorts to ensure that our models perform well in the real world. We and our collaborators are creating a Brain Data Science Platform (BDSP), a massive cloud-based repository of clinical neurology data and code for conducting research. We welcome new collaborators who wish to use our data and tools, and who wish to contribute data and tools to grow the BDSP.

Funding for the lab has been provided by the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, American Academy of Neurology, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research, and the McCance Center for Brain Health.


21 July 2023

Neurology Today did a piece on our recent paper in Lancet Digital Health

15 June 2023

The Harvard Electroencephalography Database is published on BDSP!

6 June 2023

Harsh’s and Haoqi’s paper with Cynthia Rundin and Alex Volfovsky is published in Lancet Digital Health

23 May 2023

The first installment of the Human Sleep Project is published on bdsp.io

5 May 2023

SPaRCNet repository published on bdsp.io!

1 May 2023

ML contest launched!. Compete with other teams to develop neural networks that classify patterns of harmful brain activity. Top prize $10K!

11 March 2023

JJ and Wendong’s companion papers on expert reliability and automated detection of seizures and IIIC patterns are out in Neurology, with an accompanying editorial.

01 March 2023

Brandon gave the Harvard Longwood Neurology Grand Rounds - Geschwind Lecture. The talk starts at 00:16:15.

27 February 2023

Wolfgang’s paper on sleep staging in the ICU using heart rate and breathing signals is out!

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