CDAC Code Catalog

This lists code that is publicly available from CDAC.

Last revised: 2023-01-31

Rapid annotation of cEEGs v1. Code for efficient labeling of IIIC patterns - exhaustive labeling of a single EEG.

Rapid annotation of cEEGs v2. Code for efficient labeling of IIIC patterns - labeling samples from multiple EEGs.

Interpretable Spike Detection. Detection of spikes (IEDs) based on the IFCN6 (International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology - 6 features of epileptiform discharges).

MOCA. EEG analysis code for the Multimodal network connectivity architecture (MOCA) project.

ABIEE. Code for the Acute Brain Injury EEG and Epilepsy (ABIEE) project.

sleep_general. General functions for sleep data, reserach etc. used at CDAC. This repository shall collect code that is needed for almost anyone working on sleep related projects.

CAISR. Code for the Complete AI Sleep Report project.

EEG Report DeID code. Code used for deidentification of Neurology Reports (EEG, EMG, and more).

HIV BAI. Code for calculating BAI in people with HIV.

Burst Suppression. Data for JZ’s paper that shows the need for closed-loop control of burst suppression (Variability in Pharmacologically-induced Coma for Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus).

VE-CAM-S Code for traning the VE-CAM-S model for scoring the severity of delirium from EEG.

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